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Plans for WEALTH and RISK – How DENTISTS increase one and lower the other

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Dentists today face more opportunities for wealth…and dangers of risk…than any other time in history. ‘


Fortunately, there are specific plans you can access to bring WEALTH higher, with pulling RISK lower.


On today’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • A shocking way for dentists to grow $250k into $4 million
  • How a flooded river in Pittsburg relates to private practice owners
  • 8 specific ways to cover risk with a plan [current case-study]
  • The TRUE STORY Jayme shares about a practice that burned to the ground
  • Which RETIREMENT plans dentists should consider
  • How docs avoid SPECIFIC RISKS with the right “policy”


Listen now and learn from Jayme and our expert guest on the topic of Wealth and Risk.


This discussion will have a profound impact on your ability to build for your future and protect your career!


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