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Why did this Dr go BANKRUPT?? – hear the shocking story and avoid financial ruin in your practice

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Jayme Amos



It’s like a dirty secret.  Many dentists struggle but the truth stays hidden.


Today, you’re going to hear the RAW and stomach-turning true story.


Success in private practice CAN and DOES happen.

…But it’s time to reveal some of the painful mistakes.


It’s time to talk about the worst-case scenario.

Today’s episode shares the story of a doc in the Midwest who went bankrupt. The lender even sucked in the spouse and together, their marital finances are in ruin.

None of it had to happen.


Listen today and learn how you can PREPARE and AVOID.


Successes in private practice ownership are happening in better, greater numbers than we’ve ever seen…all over the country.


Together, we can learn from these lessons.

And succeed.


Let’s support this amazing community of big-hearted dentists who serve patients well.


Enjoy this week’s episode and share with colleagues so we can all improve!



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