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Dental SCHOOL DEBT: When NOT to pay it down [warning]…Dave Ramsey is wrong…


Jayme Amos



Dental school debt levels are higher than ever.

Today, you’ll find out WHY and WHEN paying early will hurt you.


For many recent grads, debt levels are surpassing $400,000.

With all that debt, you need to learn when NOT to pay down your school loans.

In this week’s episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why Dave Ramsey is wrong for dentists
  • The $3,400 “insurance policy” method
  • How to avoid the wrong advice for private practice owners
  • The Decision: Which doctors need to should NOT choose early-debt reduction
  • Good News about your dental school debt


Hear Jayme’s no-nonsense advice. This week’s episode will discuss some surprising truths about dental school debt!

Jayme Amos




Read the $1 Million NEGATIVE NET WORTH Dental School Debt article here.
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