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$500 more in DAILY PRODUCTION – wisdom from an Office Manager with 20+ years experience!

Padlock to Case Acceptance



The role of your team impacts production every single day.

How are some doctors increasing DAILY production by over $500, instantly?


Today, we’re going to speak with a former office manager who teaches dentists a simple, powerful training who will reveal a system that’s worked for doctors internationally.


She’ll share key insights into your practices’ most VALUABLE ASSET and she’ll share her resources, including concepts about increasing Production by $500 Per Day…starting on tomorrow’s schedule.


When you listen in today, you’ll learn:

  • The Staff Mindset that doctors need to know NOW
  • #1 way to get the most from the team…with a simple sentence
  • How YOUR top 20% Production report can guide you
  • The power of the “What Else” question
  • What to do with ENTITLED STAFF
  • How to move forward with $500 daily production INCREASE


Get DECADES of knowledge from a team member who has seen it all.

And get YOURSELF a look into the mindset of your most valuable asset: your team.



Jayme Amos





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