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Jayme’s time WITH MARCUS LEMONIS [from The Profit]

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He employs 9000 people.
He’s the host of the CNBC TV show, The Profit.
His small businesses create some of the best successes in America.

And Jayme was with him last week…picking up TIPS FOR DENTISTS!


Marcus Lemonis is famous for his TV show and his “every-man’s” approach to succeeding in small business.
His People-Product-Process methods work in every business.


And today, you’ll hear about Jayme’s time with him and the 3-Part structure from Marcus that can apply to YOUR practice.


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When it comes to starting your own dental practice, finding the right real estate is a crucial step to success.

Where do you even start looking? How different is dental practice real estate from commercial? What should you be looking for? 

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