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RULES of SOCIAL MEDIA – automate your online reputation

Social Media



What if your online REPUTATION could be automated?


Today, you’re going to hear how practices are doing this…and which social media rules are dominating in private practice.


On this episode the leading expert in dentistry’s online rules for Social Media will teach you surprising realities like:

  • Tools to automate your online reputation
  • The 49% of your patients making online reputation more important than EVER
  • REVIEWS…how to get them and how to deal with the BAD ones
  • How to avoid HIPAA concerns online
  • Social Media trends in 2016 for YOUR PRACTICE
  • The emergency plan for negative reviews


All this comes with good timing, too: a solid online reputation is now a requirement for successful practices.


Use today’s interview to grow your practice and your reputation!



Jayme Amos




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