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[easy] MEDICAL BILLING…for Dentists!

Dental Coding




Could you improve more patients’ lives?

With simple-to-use medical billing, you can deliver MORE CARE…and be compensated for it.


Today’s interview is with one of the foremost leaders in medical-dental coding.

Christine Taxin guides us through a conversation that will give you an easy path to deliver more care AND profits with SIMPLE medical-dental coding techniques.


Learn about these head-turning topics when you listen:

  • #1 biggest shift in dental coding…from Treatment to Reason
  • Which medical-dental LEGAL LIABILITY thoughts you should consider
  • Christine’s family member struggled with mental health concerns…and benefited from medical-dental coding!
  • How to pivot from Blood Pressure to Health History
  • The simple question about Dry Mouth to help patients
  • How to ETHICALLY turn a $50 extraction into a $500 case with medical codes

You’re going to hear surprising realities that few dentists have learned today.

Medicine and dentistry are interconnected more and more everyday.

Now, your knowledge of coding and the oral-systemic health links will help you deliver MORE CARE and MORE PROFITS.



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Good luck!

Jayme Amos

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