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Best equipment for STARTUP PRACTICES

Equipment for NEW practices aren’t what you’ve been told.


Today, I’m sharing an article I wrote with the ADA so you can get the best concrete knowledge on an expensive topic. (ADA Winter Article 2016)



When you download the attached article from the ADA, you’ll read the topics I discuss.

We spoke about the RIGHT equipment and the BEST concepts that doctors need to consider.


But I should give you this warning…

The “common wisdom” for equipment may surprise you.
You’ll need to know this when you open your new office if you want the best options and the best pricing.


Click on the article below and you’ll read about come common misconceptions about:

–          Digital technology…are any good for startups?

–          Warranties you need to pursue and avoid

–          When to consider USED equipment, and when to avoid it


Cost control is just one topic of many for new practices.


Capture a completely new perspective when you read my latest article with the ADA.


Good luck as you advance in practice ownership!


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ADA Winter Article 2016


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Where do you even start looking? How different is dental practice real estate from commercial? What should you be looking for? 

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