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Tips for Social Media in YOUR Practice – don’t fall behind!

Social Media Marketing



A better question than, “Should I use Facebook in my office” is…


“How do I BEST use Facebook in my office? “


Today, the most cutting edge Facebook concepts are being discussed with Rita Zamora, the expert of social media marketing for dentists.


Listen now so you can learn…

  • Why it is assumed your practice WILL have a social media presence
  • What 73% of all adults are doing…and how it will help your practice everyday
  • How the perception of “not too much dental stuff” on social media is no longer accurate
  • When you can use “Throw Back Thursday” to educate your community
  • Authenticity tips to create a HOLISTIC practice-community relationship
  • Why Rita is 100% sure social media costs are going UP


Study this NOW so you prepare yourself for one of the most profound impacts on patient relationships in dentistry.



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