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Tips for Social Media in YOUR Practice – don’t fall behind!

Social Media Marketing



A better question than, “Should I use Facebook in my office” is…


“How do I BEST use Facebook in my office? “


Today, the most cutting edge Facebook concepts are being discussed with Rita Zamora, the expert of social media marketing for dentists.


Listen now so you can learn…

  • Why it is assumed your practice WILL have a social media presence
  • What 73% of all adults are doing…and how it will help your practice everyday
  • How the perception of “not too much dental stuff” on social media is no longer accurate
  • When you can use “Throw Back Thursday” to educate your community
  • Authenticity tips to create a HOLISTIC practice-community relationship
  • Why Rita is 100% sure social media costs are going UP


Study this NOW so you prepare yourself for one of the most profound impacts on patient relationships in dentistry.



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Why You Need a Team To Start a Dental Practice

When it comes to starting your own dental practice, finding the right real estate is a crucial step to success.

Where do you even start looking? How different is dental practice real estate from commercial? What should you be looking for? 

And don’t forget about the great leasing vs. owning debate. Some dentists argue owning your practice’s real estate is best, and some argue leasing is best. 

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