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Erase TEAM STRESS – learn how to get the best RESULTS with the right team…without hiring anyone else!




One of the top ranking challenges for all dentists is their team.


Does that sound familiar?


Today, Jayme dives deep into the strategies to ERASE team stresses with one of the country’s foremost experts, Ginny Hegarty.


In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What Zappo’s can teach dentists about their team
  • The #1 thing the team needs to “buy in” to changes
  • Which Key Indicators deal with the “18 Second Rule”
  • The element of team that BEST creates PROFITABILITY
  • When to build the TEAM’s goals (not yours)


If you “figure out” staffing with these tools, you’ll upgrade your happiness in private practice ownership.


Now is the time!


Enjoy a powerful episode to create your most powerful team.



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