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Get MORE from PPOs? Learn from the Insurance Coding EXPERT, Teresa Duncan



When do PPO fee schedules not matter?


The world of PPO insurance is messy and complex. Some may wonder if its designed like that intentionally.


But if your practice depends even a little bit on insurance reimbursements, you’ll get an entirely new level of understanding from today’s episode.


Learn some of the most cutting edge information about PPOs like:

  • When is it FRAUD?
  • PPO Insurance CODING that dentists need to know
  • A story from when 3 team members working on insurance HURT the practice…
  • Narratives – how do insurance companies see them and what do you need to know about that?
  • What level of documentation is ACTUALLY needed?
  • The Shift: Cost shift to the consumer?
  • The #1 way Insurance Coordinators can help
  • How to avoid eroding trust with patients, through PPOs
  • FEE SCHEDULES: Not all Insurance plans are the same…the fee schedules are just the tip of the iceberg


Learn from dentistry’s premier coding expert today!



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