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SECRETS from a REAL ESTATE Broker Specializing in Dental Offices

Real Estate Dangers



Real estate risks, dangers and complexities for dentists are worse than you think.


Will you buy or lease space?

With either one, “price” is MUCH less important than you think.


Legal protections in commercial real estate can and will affect the future of your practice.


You MUST have the right protections in place for your practice.


Today, Jayme speaks with one dentistry’s most accomplished realtors.


Over 30 years, she’s negotiated commercial real estate for some of the biggest dental groups.

She’s been ranked a Top 40 Power woman in her city.

Her insight is potent if you want the best space and the best protection.


Listen now and you’ll learn:

  • The WRONG things to negotiate
  • When “price per square foot” is not important
  • Who you need to include to successfully get your space
  • The case study of a dentist’s $80,000 loss…that was avoided when his landlord went bankrupt
  • Key negotiation pieces you must include to have the best, safest space



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