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How to FIX past-due-balances…without losing patients – Proven Accounts Receivable Strategies for Dentists

Best Tips from Andy Cleveland the A/R Expert



It’s a surprise when you find out that “good” patient isn’t such a “good” payer.

Dentists all over the country deal with this reality.


Your practice needs to be paid.

But the fear is that patients will get upset…or worse, leave the practice.

You’re not alone. No practice is immune.


Accounts receivable balances are real…but you don’t have to be the one holding the bag!


Today, Jayme digs deep into a sensitive topic: Getting Paid without Losing Patients, with Andy Cleveland, the Dental A/R Expert.


In today’s episode you’ll learn:

  • How to AVOID A/R up front…so it’s never an issue
  • When to use payment options
  • Strategies for involving key people in your practice
  • The instances when you SHOULD hold a patient balance
  • How to “Get Paid & Retain Patients”
  • The link between PATIENT HEALTH and FINANCIAL health…and what you can do about it


Take a huge step forward in the successful methods of practice ownership today with today’s episode.



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