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LESSON: how to create the BEST FRONT DESK staff…learn from an expert of 20+ years and get the best team possible!


Front Desk Lady



When your front desk is at its best, your practice can care for patients in amazing ways.


One of the biggest dangers for practice owners is under-valuing the front desk.

Those few moments of interaction with patients can help you win or lose the rest of that patient visit!


Today, hear Jayme speak with one of the Lisa Spradley, known across the country as the Front Desk Lady.


You’ll hear her BEST TIPS for:

–   How the front desk can use KEY LISTENING skills
–   TECHNOLOGY impacts on the front desk you need to know
–   3 Rules for your front desk PHONE SKILLS
–   How to answer the big question… “do you take my insurance”
–   Which GREETING SKILLS most offices FAIL TO USE…and how to reverse it in your practice


Lisa’s been ranked in the top 25 most influential women in dentistry, been published in some of the big name journals and has been heard around the country on her special focus at the front desk.


Today, you’ll get her best stuff on your commute!



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