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Earn an EXTRA $150,000 Per Year just by having the RIGHT Dental Floor Plans

Picasso of Floor Plans



Floor Plans can give you a choice:

  • A choice to save $30,000.00 in construction costs OR
  • The chance to produce an extra $150,000 per year


In today’s podcast you will hear why “The Picasso of Dental Floor Plans” says WHEN to save $30,000 in your floorplan and be glad that you did.


In Today’s Podcast you will learn:

  • How you can create your own “Man Cave” for your main operatory
  • When spending an extra $30,000 in construction is a great investment
  • What the clinical standards are for dental operatories
  • What the ADA reports the average operatory yields in revenue per year
  • What you will be giving up if you miss specific clinical aspects to your floor plan



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