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6 Steps: Protect Your Online Reputation as a Dentist…before a bad review ruins your name.

Get Great Online Reviews



Online reviews CAN help you…or they can RUIN you.


And, as a dentist, your new-patient flow will be directly linked to your online reputation.


Which will you choose: Get reviews that help, or have them ruin you?


Today, Jayme opens up and shares a painful experience from a bad online review he received…and what you can do if you get caught in the same situation.


Learn these ultra-practical ideas right now:

  • 6 step process to get the best online reputation…in just one day
  • The FREE way to do this
  • Which part you should NEVER “outsource”
  • How to get the coveted 5-Star-Reviews in 5 Steps
  • How dentists protect and keep a good online reputation
  • The EXACT SCRIPT to use if you get a “bad one”


Listen now to the interview with one of dentistry’s brilliant thinkers, Dr. Tom Larkin, who has some of the best case studies for the power of online reviews.


The good news is that you can choose an online reputation that will help you.

The bad news is that you must take action now, or someone else will (bad reviews can be impossible to remove online…even if they’re not true!)



  1. See Jayme’s PERSONAL examples of reviews here.
  2. Hear Dr. Larkin speak at the upcoming COURSE! You can APPLY to attend. (we’ll be updating this in future with new dates, FYI)




Ignore this information at your own risk.

Your long term, online reputation could last for decades.



Get a pen and paper ready…you’ll need it for the notes!



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