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[Case Study] “Decathalon Dentist” grows $500k ANNUALLY…10 years in a ROW! – How this doctor went from startup to $5.8 Million – with Dr. Bill Williams




Private-practice inspiration can impact you for the rest of your career.


Are you ready for major inspiration?


Today, learn how Dr. Bill…

  • grew his practice $500k PER YEAR…from a startup
  • converts patients into “Class A” patients…even from coupons
  • keeps humility and balance in his life
  • describes the “Decathalon Dentist” mindset
  • achieved excellence in 10 disciplines
  • …in just 10 years
  • …and grew his practice to $5.8 million in revenue


Hear Dr. Bill’s honesty, candor and openness.


Learn from a colleague who has had tremendous success clinically and professionally.


Its not too-good-to-be-true.

Dr. Bill did it and now YOU get to learn HOW.




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