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Steps to Lift your Career to the NEXT LEVEL? – Hear how this guy did…with NO experience!




If you have ever…

wondered if you should expand
…wanted to advance clinically sooner

…considered adding an associate

…or if you ARE an associate and want to be a practice owner



Today Jayme will tell you a true story about getting TO THE NEXT LEVEL.


Hear how his friend went from being a police officer in small town to producing a Broadway show in New York – and how YOU can use the same ideas to get to the next level.


In Today’s Podcast you will learn:
– About Chris Smith knowing NOTHING about Broadway while…taking steps forward
– 2 steps to take to face BIG RISKS while…taking steps forward
When to look for the experts to help guide you while…taking steps forward
– When to have a trusted advisor while…taking steps forward
– Which Navel-Gazing will not help you while…taking steps forward


Accomplish what you WANT…

  • For your practice
  • For your patients
  • For your staff
  • For your Community
  • For your Family


Listen now!



  1. Learn more about Amazing Grace the musical
  2. Send Jayme an email to and tell him what you want to accomplish next and what you need to know while…taking steps forward



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Why You Need a Team To Start a Dental Practice

When it comes to starting your own dental practice, finding the right real estate is a crucial step to success.

Where do you even start looking? How different is dental practice real estate from commercial? What should you be looking for? 

And don’t forget about the great leasing vs. owning debate. Some dentists argue owning your practice’s real estate is best, and some argue leasing is best. 

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