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How to HIRE the best STAFF – the proven step by step dental staff hiring process with the nationally recognized expert, Ginny Hegarty

Best Staff



What would you do if you KNEW your next hire would be perfect?

How would you feel about hiring new staff?


With great staff, dentists can FULLY enjoy practice ownership.


Today’s interview with Ginny Hegarty, a nationally known dental hiring expert, will walk you through the exact process that works across the country.


But hiring the best staff is not about luck.

No, hiring the right dental staff requires something very few colleagues do. Hiring the best can be done with a simple, proven step by step process.


Be warned: The wrong staff will pile on stress, headaches and costs.

Hiring the wrong people can crush your happiness and your profits.


Learn this knowledge and apply it immediately…you’ll end up with amazing hires.


Today’s episode explains:

  • Why googling “best interview questions” is a setup for a bad hire
  • 5 interview questions you need to ask when hiring
  • Jayme’s 10 hour shortcut to pre-screening
  • How to avoid the “false positives” of the hidden wrong hires
  • The legal time required to keep each resume on file
  • The 25-point scoring system you can use with your next interview



Listen to today’s interview and learn to use a proven process.


With this knowledge, you’ll find, hire and keep the best staff

…and you’ll have a practice you LOVE working in.


Let out a SIGH OF RELIEF…because today you’ll learn tips that will improve your hiring process forever.






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