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How to get the RIGHT DENTAL CONSTRUCTION results…before your begin – The revealing interview with the CEO of a large dental construction firm

How is dental construction done right…with predictable results?

Stories of cost-overruns and massive delays are heard all the time.


There are ways to get incredible results in construction while keeping your sanity…ITS POSSIBLE!


Jayme’s seen it all – the good and the awful and the great.

Now you’ll hear the most revealing discussion on dental construction.


New office?


Learn the top 5 concerns in dental construction with Tiger Safarov, the CEO of one of the country’s fastest growing dental construction companies.


Today Jayme uncovers Dental Construction Truths like:

  • Get a 50% Cut in construction time with one technology company breakthrough
  • 3 steps you must take to INTERVIEW CONTRACTORS
  • Which 5 costs you’ll avoid with the best construction
  • When “don’t worry about it” will be your biggest regret
  • Why Jayme dreads CHANGE ORDERS and what you can do about it
  • The #1 Question you should ask in your project


Click here to listen to this week’s podcast NOW and prepare yourself for a future project so you can experience real dental construction success.



Dental Practice Relocation

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Why You Need a Team To Start a Dental Practice

When it comes to starting your own dental practice, finding the right real estate is a crucial step to success.

Where do you even start looking? How different is dental practice real estate from commercial? What should you be looking for? 

And don’t forget about the great leasing vs. owning debate. Some dentists argue owning your practice’s real estate is best, and some argue leasing is best. 

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