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How to get the RIGHT DENTAL CONSTRUCTION results…before your begin – The revealing interview with the CEO of a large dental construction firm



How is dental construction done right…with predictable results?

Stories of cost-overruns and massive delays are heard all the time.


There are ways to get incredible results in construction while keeping your sanity…ITS POSSIBLE!


Jayme’s seen it all – the good and the awful and the great.

Now you’ll hear the most revealing discussion on dental construction.


New office?




Learn the top 5 concerns in dental construction with Tiger Safarov, the CEO of one of the country’s fastest growing dental construction companies.


Today Jayme uncovers Dental Construction Truths like:

  • Get a 50% Cut in construction time with one technology company breakthrough
  • 3 steps you must take to INTERVIEW CONTRACTORS
  • Which 5 costs you’ll avoid with the best construction
  • When “don’t worry about it” will be your biggest regret
  • Why Jayme dreads CHANGE ORDERS and what you can do about it
  • The #1 Question you should ask in your project


Listen to this week’s podcast NOW and prepare yourself for a future project so you can experience real dental construction success.








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