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How dentists profit in real estate…without even owning the building! The gloves-off interview with Dr. David Phelps




Ever hear of Donald Trump?


Everyone knows Trump’s initial wealth was created with real estate investments.

And most of us know a few dentists who have done the same.


But how did they do it?


…and how can YOU purchase real estate safely…without the scammi-ness of late night infomercials?


Most dentists know they SHOULD have a portion of their nest egg in real estate.

But with such high stakes and high costs, the questions are endless.


On today’s interview, a fellow dentist, Dr. David Phelps, founder of Dentists Freedom Blueprint, will teach you how he created freedom from chairside work through real estate investing, no longer owning his practice.




Learn NOW from a colleague who has DONE IT…successfully:

  • Grow a GREAT PRACTICE…then create PASSIVE INCOME wisely
  • Why “red states” vs “blue states” matter in real estate investing
  • How Real Estate can be the smoothest path
  • Should you own your practice building?
  • How did Dr. David Phelps earned $50k in real estate profits WHILE STILL IN DENTAL SCHOOL?
  • Which networks you need for the best real estate options
  • How to buy for Cash Flow with the most SAFETY
  • Properties that dentists should AVOID and which to PURSUE


Get answers on today’s episode – and you could change your future with knowledge from a dentist who used real estate investing to create freedom.




  1. Phelps training resources
  2. Click here for the LIFE CHANGING book he mentions in the podcast episode





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