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This doctor reveals his Practice Acquisition PERSONAL success story– The “How-to” CASE STUDY with Dr. Shvartsman

Just a few short months ago, Dr. Shvartsman was confused, wondering if he should keep looking at all the old, tired practices for sale.


He knew the typical process isn’t working in the favor of buyers. He heard the stories of doctors regretting their purchase for decades, wishing they had been told the truth up front.


Yet somehow, even amidst all the competition and sales pitches from people pushing junky practices, he uncovered a gold mine. He’s now the proud owner of a practice that “fits him” perfectly.


This is one of those rare stories that you’ll get to explore from the inside out.




 Today, you’ll hear first-hand, how this doctor SAFELY and SUCCESSFULLY bought his practice.


Listen now and you’ll learn:

– The 2 most important steps to take in the research stage

– How Dr. Shvartsman discovered a perfect practice for his philosophy

– Finding a practice for sale before ANY OTHER DENTIST (or broker, for that matter)

– Unfair pricing can be AVOIDED

– Why is he 100% sure the patient base is right for him?

The “surfer test” you can use in your acquisition

– 4 topics he wishes he considered before today

– How dangerous a “bad” purchase can be for your future and your finances



Doctors across the country are looking for safe advice about practice acquisitions.





Today you’ll get clarity from a doctor who JUST went through this!


Practice Acquisition



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