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Corporate Dentistry vs Private Practice – who will win?

Who Will Win


If you’re even just a little concerned about the pressures on private practice, you’re wise.


Doctors across the country tell us every week about  the complications, stress and competition sitting between corporate and private practice dentistry.


Thankfully, there are proven strategies you can take NOW to protect your future and avoid the worst case scenario.


In Today’s Episode You’ll Hear:
– The 6 part strategy for Private Practice owners
– How to prepare and prevent too much competition
– The CASE STUDY that makes a big topic very SIMPLE
– Which hype you can avoid and ignore
– How Fee-For-Service and PPO practices should think…starting NOW – Why
startup practices can be in the best position EVER in history for success
– Where to go for more resources


Corporate Dentistry is real.
Private practices owners CAN thrive.


Go into work tomorrow with a NEW PERSPECTIVE on the most pressing topic of our time. 



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