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The Marketing Plan That Brings the MOST new patients is…

Marketing Plan


Too much money is burned on the wrong marketing.

And in this episode we’re showing you plans that DO work.


No theory, just proven results that you can start using this week.

Today’s expert is one of the most proven, tested and practical dental marketing minds: Jerry Jones.


Does this sound familiar…”I spent tens of thousands  and I’m not even sure if I got 1 good patient!”

Time to stop the money wasting marketing fluff and start generating profits with every marketing dollar you spend.


This is how we’ll do it…

Today, you’ll get to hear:

– Which marketing needs to be your “test”
– The 2605% Return on Investment  (ROI) real life case study
– Do 6”x22” postcards generate new patients (that’s  a BIG postcard!)
The 1 tool you need to measure and grow all your marketing
– When to INVOLVE designers and when to IGNORE them
– Which ads are built to get your practice a RESPONSE
– How to avoid  the high cost of low profit marketing efforts simply

Get insight to all this with some of the most powerful concepts you can apply in your practice.

Listen now!



1) The dental marketing tracking tool to measure and refine your marketing budget

2)The Startup Practice Blueprint Course registration details are now available 





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