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OWN your REAL ESTATE with this warning [for ALL practice owners]


Should I own my own real estate??

This is a question we get all of the time.


Today you will learn:

  • Is owning dental real estate the right path for you?
  • A plan to help you purchase real estate with NO MONEY OUT OF POCKET
  • What to look for when you are looking at real estate
  • Strategies to own real estate even if the property is at the top of your budget
  • What you need to know about elevators, stairs, parking and more
  •  3 potential horror stories that will cost you…a lot
  • How to build costs, ALL COSTS into the purchase price


You’ll learn the 60 day, very specific, very aggressive time stamped process.

Ensure you go through the right checks and balances to protect your dental real estate decision.


If you are interested in looking at purchasing real estate for your practice…



Start-Up Practice Blueprint Course

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Avoid the costly surprises that suck money out of other dentists.


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Learn how you can be PREPARED and PROTECTED with real estate for your practice.







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