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How did this “famous” dentist build HIS practice?




One of the most well-known and best-heard dentists in America is Dr. David Maloley.

He is the host of the Relentless Dentist Podcast.

…and while he’s  normally the one DOING the interviewing, today Jayme interviews HIM.

What most don’t know, but you’ll soon learn:


-How Dr. M had to fight unknowns to build a highly successful practice
-Some SPECIFIC marketing techniques he’s been using to grow
-His ROCKING CHAIR TEST that came from his touching personal story he seldom tells (hear how close he came to   losing the most important person in his life)
-When he advises doctors to implement CAUSE MARKETING
-Which big practice-ownership LESSONS he want you, as a doctor, to know
-His fascinating path through the military, practicing dentistry around the WORLD
-His funny observations about East Coast versus Mountain patients
-Why and IF you should consider opening a practice in a VACATION TOWN


Listen today and learn some of the best tips on practice ownership from…

One of the most famous…
Most admired…
Most heard…

and most genuine doctors in the country: Dr. David Maloley.






Bestselling Author, Practice Location
Host, Ideal Practices Podcast
Chief Advocate for Practice Ownership

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