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.40 cents per New Patient… for startups AND existing practices…without ANY Competition – An interview on Marketing and Patient health with Dr. Tom Larkin

40 cents



What if you put a $1 in a machine and received $25,000 in return?

…and in the process you also got:

a) your best new patient
b) without ANY competition
c) while getting pre-case acceptance for the best clinical care

Sound too good to be true?


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On today’s podcast you’ll hear how you can do this,  starting this week.

Today, you’ll learn:

-How to attract patients for .40 cents (a proven case study)

-The math behind the $25,000 average patient

-Dr. Larkin’s research on a level of clinical care that literally saves lives

-When the average dentist goes “off track” and how to fix it

-Why doctors who say “marketing doesn’t work” are actually right…and how you can avoid the problems they face

-4 Steps  to creating a proven, profitable new-patient campaign

-Step-by-step instructions to get you started on your own


Attract the best patients, deliver the best clinical care and create an unlimited income if you market properly.

But be careful…growing a practice can be terribly expensive if done incorrectly.

Join today’s conversation and forever change your perspective on the potential you have in practice ownership!



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