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15 Key Numbers and Trends for Today’s Profitable Practices – Interview with Jon VanHorn, CPA and Strategist Founder of Dentist Metrics




There thousands of distracting issues in practice ownership, which are most important numbers for you to know?

In today’s interview you’ll get precise clarity on the 15 Key Numbers and Trends in Dentistry that you need to move forward in profitability.


Hear this conversation and learn:

  • How many more doctors are graduating now…and how this new level of competition will impact you in practice ownership (surprise…its not what you think!)
  • The #1 technique Jon sees clients use to avoid practice stagnation (flat-line profits)
  • When the timing is right for a startup practice
  • Jon’s proven simple trick to save $50,000 in supplies
  • Why a lesson in Air Conditioning repair proves the most powerful practice growth concept
  • Why you need the precise focus on just a few key metrics
  • 15 Key numbers you can’t avoid if you want a continually profitable practice into the future

Join in on today’s conversation and get the tools in place.



Click here to get a free version of Jon’s 15 Proven KPI’s for Practice Profitability.


Your MIND, your METRICS and your PROFITS will align…all you need to do is listen, focus and take action.

Enjoy today’s podcast!

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