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Dental Floorplan Design MAGIC – How to make it all fit

By Jayme Amos.  Get free updates of posts here

Get powerful knowledge about
dental floorplan design in this real-life training video.


If you’ve ever wondered how the best dental designs are created, you’ll learn some of the best tips in today’s video.


Today, you’ll learn:

  • Why we use zones in our design process
  • How to recognize a “zone” even in the middle of construction
  • The 8 treatment-room strategy in a small footprint
  • What you need to consider doing with your high-end tech (don’t miss this in YOUR design or you’ll miss out on a huge opportunity)
  • Which area is the heartbeat and why it can’t be understated
  • When its “ok” to have no entry way into your mechanical room (the only entrance is from the outside!)



The Magic of Dental Floorplan Design

The magic of dental floorplan design isn’t done by your run-of-the-mill free design service.

As a side note, if anyone offers you free designs, you should run. The craft of excellent dental floorplan design is refined over decades and the most amazing dental floorplan designs – those that will give you clinical satisfaction and true ergonomic long term comfort – are done by the best in the industry. For example, our designer has 20+ years of experience.

Don’t settle for less in your new office!


Watch today’s video training on dental floorplan design to learn some of the top key elements that will help you create a practice you are proud of and will represent your clinical style well.

This real-life video training will show you the magic of dental floorplan design done beautifully well!

Click the video image above to see the training.


The BackStory…

In this next video, you’ll see the fire trucks coming to the site of the fire.

This was the original office that the training video takes place in. You’ll recognize a shocking difference in the before and after.

Below, you’ll see the day of the actual fire. The trucks had to come back 3 times to extinguish the fire completely that day.



Want More Great Training?

Check out this previous blog post and video training we created for our audience.

The before and after dental floorplan design differences will blow your mind!


Email our team and let us know the most impactful design element you’ll include in your new office!







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