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Now is the TIME! – “Crush It” with Tech, Colleagues an d Corp. Dentistry…or they will DEFINE YOU – with Dr. David Rice, founder of IgniteDDS

Crush it

Today, you’ll hear directly from the founder of and sought-after speaker in Dental Schools across the country, Dr. David Rice.

Dr. Rice has important insights about your future in practice ownership.

In today’s episode, you’ll access his insider perspectives about:

–  The future of tech in your practice

–  What students are being taught in dental school and  what you need to know

–  How to get his new book, CRUSH for free

–  35% vs 65% – which battle will corporate dentistry win?

–  Will specialists be EXTINCT in the developing dental practice model?

–  When humility and colleague collaboration is RIGHT


Dr. Rice owns a thriving private practice that he started  from scratch 18 years ago. He guides the future dentistry in technology and thought leadership on at his website,, in dental schools and in his private practice.

His seat at the “big tables” in dental education will give you insight into the perspective you need to thrive in the next stages of dentistry.

Listen now and access a perspective many of your colleagues will wish they received.



Our listeners can get a FREE copy of his new book CRUSH  by registering as a user at:

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