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Could you Startup and SELL a practice…while STILL in dental school? …hear how Dr. Larkin did.

Tom Larkin



Trick Question:

Could you BUILD and SELL your first practice while still in dental school?


Dr. Tom Larkin did just that.


In this episode I talk with Dr. Larkin. His 17 years of clinical experience, wealth and knowledge will BLOW YOU AWAY. He shares everything with complete openness on this episode.


He’s one of the most interesting and generous doctor interviews I’ve ever had.


He’s the author of The Dental Entrepreneur, A Mini MBA.

He’s been a professor at Creighton and University of Kentucky.

He owns a high-end bed and breakfast overlooking a premier horse race track.

He recently developed an iPhone app.

He’s DEEPLY passionate about dentistry positively changing patient HEALTH…not just teeth.


Today, on this Episode you’ll Learn:

  • How Dr. Larkin opened multiple practices
  • How he produced and profited in the top 5% of all practices nationwide
  • 4 Core Dental Business Pillars for Profit (in the hygiene Op!!)
  • The 6 tips he has for scratch practices
  • When to know if you’re Too Systematized or Personalized
  • His step-by-step process to create an amazing patient experience


I was fascinated with Dr. Larkin’s wide range of chairside and practice ownership experiences and I know you’ll love this episode.



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