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4 Top Legal Issues for Dentists – Protect Your Future with This Practical Legal Knowledge




Your entire financial future and career could be lost instantly.

It happens in legal situations every year for dentists.

You can avoid this with the right protections in place.


Today, you’ll hear from Rob Montgomery, one of the most respected attorneys in dentistry.


Hear how Rob gives you battle-tested legal advice for:

–          Is an associate an “Employee” Doctor or “1099” Doctor? Rob explains how to know, how to save on taxes and how to keep yourself safe.

–          What could be the proverbial death of the associate?

–          5 proven tips for lease negotiations to help you win

–          Non-Compete RULES … for owners AND associates

–          How to structure partnerships for success while avoiding the pain that the vast majority of dentists experience


Bring the protection of your practice and your career to the next level with this potent legal interview!



You can contact Rob directly with questions about your situation by email at



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