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The State of Dentistry – today’s important realities



Dentistry is changing rapidly.

Increased competition, greater taxation, PPOs, technology, and the rapid rise of corporate dentistry, are all pushing dentistry to re-examine some core issues.

This week, Jerry Jones, author of 7 books, founder of Jerry Jones Direct, Dentistry Confidential and Wellness Springs Dental is the non-dentist owner of a booming dental office in Salem Oregon. He started from scratch a decade ago and now shares his insight after working with doctors across the country to help them grow their practices.

Today, learn…

  • When practice management can and cannot be done on your own
  • Which pieces of your income are under massive assault
  • 3 efficiencies you can focus on in your practice now
  • Marketing that “makes the phone ring”
  • When your practice should swim with and swim against the current

Hear inspiring ideas from one of dentistry’s most influential practice owners.

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