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Expenses and Numbers – Which Matter Most in Your Practice?

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Clinical skills got you here. Can numbers carry you another step forward?

In practice ownership, there are few things that matter more than a right-sized perspective on numbers. I once heard it said that, if your practice can’t pay to keep the lights on, you won’t have a practice…no matter how perfect the anatomy looks on that restoration.

This week, Bob Gray, Co-Founder of the Academy of Dental CPAs shows the most important numbers in your practice so you can enjoy your practice at its highest level.

In this episode you’ll learn:

About a write off from family members that could reshape your future (and no, it’s not putting them on the payroll)
Which “Speedometer” in your practice is most important
The 1 simple tool you can use today, for free, to increase profitability
How to avoid the Overhead Error with discretionary expenses
3 easier ways to make good business decisions in practice
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Reshape the numbers in your practice for a bigger future with more clinical and financial freedom.


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