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How to LOWER your dental school debt by $35,000

dental school debt


This week’s podcast interview uncovers the new possibilities of lowering dental school debt payments by an average of $35,000 (or click to begin the process of lowering your debt right now)

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Recently we’ve seen dental school costs rising above $400,000 (Click Here to go read that article…read below to learn how to lower your dental school debt))

These new levels of dental school debt will have a horrible impact on dentistry if debt isn’t managed properly.

Reduce Dental School Debt

Find out if you qualify to reduce your total debt payments here:


What You’ll Learn In This Podcast Episode:

Hear from the co-founder of the firm that’s helping dentists all over the country with this topic of dental school debt reduction. Dan Macklin will walk you through:

  • Results from over 1000 dentists who previously held high dental school debt loads
  • When timing is wrong to consider lowering your debt load
  • How we now see an average of $240,000 debt load in dentistry
  • Which options general dentists and specialists can consider
  • How a 10 minute personal process could decrease your debt payments by 6 figures

Today, you’ll hear from the co-founder of a $2.5 billion financial firm who helps dentists decrease dental debt.

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Interested in learning how to lower your dental school debt?

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Reduce Dental School Debt

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