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Strategies for Patient Attraction, Retention and Profitability with Jerry Jones

By Jayme Amos.  Get free updates of posts here


Investigate this explosive interview with Jerry Jones, the non-dentist dental office owner.





You’ll hear the exposed truths about the State of Dentistry in today’s economy…and you’ll learn specific strategies to succeed in this current reality.

Jerry works with dentists nationwide and has insight into the techniques working in practice in almost every market right now.

Discover why Jerry explains facts about these topics:
– Patient Financing – Why you should ALWAYS carry their balance!
– 50% Overhead benchmark…when you SHOULDN’T buy new equipment
– 5 New-Patient attraction and retention tools
– Consolidation in dentistry is happening…how all doctors can benefit
– The precise time when high-Ticket-Tech can be paid for in your office
– How non-Dentist practice owners are affecting the industry
– The #1 strategy for patient attraction and retention

Learn and apply this knowledge it in your practice this week!


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