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[NEW PRACTICE VIDEO TOUR] See construction and dental marketing collide.

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Are you ready to see the latest progress of construction in this historic renovation AND learn when to start your
strategic dental marketing?


You now have access to a new practice video tour that shows you the layout, flow and site prep. This is more than halfway done – you don’t want to miss peeking on this project.



Most dentists wonder how they’ll get new patients in their new marketing

The answer is timing of proper marketing.

For a new practice, timing your dental marketing during construction is everything.


What might construction and dental marketing have in common, you ask?


The proper timing of dental marketing with a new office is critical if you want new patients to come through those doors when you open. If you get the timing of your dental marketing right – you’ll have the profits and confidence you deserve in your new practice. 


Click Here to watch this video



1)      See a new practice video tour – the project is more than halfway done in this historic renovation!

2)      Walk through the space as if you’re a new patient!

3)      Discover the timing of dental marketing the construction collision

4)      Learn what happens in Stage 9 (Learn the Other Stages Here)

5)      Understand the floorplan flow concept in this practice

6)      Experience the INSIDE and OUTSIDE of the partially complete new office! 


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Jayme Amos

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