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Dental Equipment Installation Done the Right Way – 3 Tips

By Jayme Amos.  Get free updates of posts here

What’s the “right” way to handle your dental equipment installation?


Install day is incredibly exciting.

If you’ve ever watched an install day in person, you know it’s one of those moments when you can feel your career lifting to a new level.

This is when your skills, training and dreams start to intersect at the place you’ve been hoping for.

In this video, you’ll learn 3 important tips about dental equipment installation that doctors frequently ask us about:

1)      What is the proper spacing between side cabinetry and the rear cabinetry?
2)      Why do many side cabinets stop short of the outer wall of the operatory?
3)      What is the best position for glove and towel dispenser (and why)?

Click the Video…and learn 3 important tips about your dental equipment installation.


Stage 11: Dental Equipment Installation

Of the 13 Stages to open a new practice, Stage 11 happens to be one of the most exciting.


Install your equipment the right way and you can expect big increases in production, doctor comfort, patient comfort and pride of practice ownership!


But it must be done right or you’ll lose.

The complexities of efficient, modern dental practices leave little room for error – and the costs on you and your team are very high.

You can lose a tremendous amount of money.Dental Equipment Installation

You’ll lose time.

You’ll lose trust with your staff as their frustration builds.

You’ll lose valuable production time when it needs to be “fixed”.

You’ll lose your mind!



But, If You Get This Right

The good news is that, if you get the equipment installation stage right, your practice will be set up to flow smoothly, giving you the freedom to practice on patients without worthless distractions.

No more cramped spaces.

No more uncomfortable patients.

No more embarrassing moments getting that “unique” patient seated.

No more fear of equipment failing during your productive days.

Imagine how freeing that will be!


Ready for EVEN MORE great tips?

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Join us INSIDE this historic office construction project on installation day by watching the video.


You’ll see FIRST HAND what it looks and feels like on that day when your career and potential start to lift to a new level!

Jayme Amos

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