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Dental Construction Cost: $100k Driveway Disbelief?

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By Jayme Amos.  Get free updates of posts here

We’re constantly asked what an average Dental Construction Cost should be.


It’s a fair, smart question.
But perhaps you should be asking yourself another question:


What is the biggest SURPRISE dental construction cost? 



Would it surprise you if yours cost $100,000?   (Learn the averages for start-ups here)


One cost that many doctors have trouble believing is their driveway.


It’s boring.Dental Construction Cost
It’s flat.
It does nothing for you clinically.
Patients don’t appreciate it.



When was the last time you complemented a business on their driveway?




That’s just one reason why a surprise of $100,000 would be horrible.

Our last video caught the eye of dentists around the country (our first “driveway” video is here).


Many were shocked at how expensive a driveway can be.


Now, to dispel the disbelief, we’ll show a few more reasons why a dental construction cost like $100,000 can and does happen to dentists.

Click the video to learn more:

Don’t be surprised by dental construction costs!


Protect yourself with the right knowledge in this video.


1) Learn why your future practice’s driveway can be (expensively) far different from a residential home driveway
2) Avoid getting trapped with a 6 figure driveway budget with the right knowledge
3) Learn which parts beneath the ground cost more than the parts you see
4) See the next phase in the construction of the historic dental office construction renovation!

Jayme Amos

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