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The Driveway: a $100k piece of a Dental Construction Budget?!

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Sometimes a dental construction budget is blown away with the most boring of things.


In this case, a driveway is the potential culprit.


Click on the video and discover:

1)      Why creating the driveway is like prepping a tooth for a crown

2)      If the EPA has a place in your driveway planning

3)      How extra permits were avoided in this driveway (and how they helped the dental construction budget stay in tact)

4)      The Green Area threshold concept to keep your driveway costs low



A Dental construction budget is sensitive.

They need careful care and attention.


Without the right team watching over your project, something as boring as a dental construction budgetdriveway can highjack your finances and explode your dental construction budget.


Don’t let this happen to you!


Build your knowledge now. Have a team that will fight for you to help you stay “On Time, On Budget and On Quality” TM



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Jayme Amos

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