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[VIDEO] Walkthrough Pediatric Dental Office Design – Pre-Opening!

By Jayme Amos.  Get free updates of posts here

Pediatric Dental Office Design Walkthrough happens in this video – watch it now!


Click The Video Below to watch now:




In this video, this is what you’ll experience first-hand:

– Learn about the effective open bay concept for a boutique pedo office

– A natural lighting technique to open up an interior operatory wall

– Renovation of an historic building

– Why a 15×10 operatory size can be good…even though we advise against it in our publications 

– Where this office adhered to the ADA ramp principles we discussed in a previous blog post 


With just 1 week until Grand Opening Day, you’ll see how the office is laid out – even before any patients schedule appointments.


Check back next week to see the completed project in all its glory!


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Jayme Amos

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