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Dental Office Plumbing – Where’s the Copper?!

By Jayme Amos.  Get free updates of posts here

Is there a “right way” to complete
dental office plumbing?
You better believe it!!!

In one of our most recent dental office plumbing projects, we’d like to show you how the plumbing may look in your new practice…before the walls get closed in!

Notice the red and blue lines in these walls. They’re not copper.
The copper plumbing of your parent’s house is likely a thing of ancient history (it may even be in the walls of the practice where you’re working now).

Click on the video below and watch this video to see the red and blue plumbing lines.  Dental office plumbing doesn’t need to include copper!



The copper lines of yester-year could be a thing of the past and you need to be aware of this in your new dental office.



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Best of luck to you and your future dental office!

Jayme Amos



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