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Dental Office Construction – Watch the Phase 3 Walkthrough!

By Jayme Amos.  Get free updates of posts here

[VIDEO] This dental office construction
project is racing along.


Watch now as Phase 3 of this dental office construction comes together in this 2 minute video.


Click Below To Watch:



The demolition of Phase 2 is complete (see the demolition by Clicking Here)  and the back half of the building no longer exists.


As you preview this video, notice how the dental office construction design is coming into existence:

A)     5 operatories are positioned on the exterior wall in the newly constructed portion of the building
B)      The clinical zone is grouped tightly together to achieve maximum efficiency
C)      The studs are all in place and the walls are ready for electric, air and water to be put in
D)     Very little about dental office construction looks impressive in this phase but months of careful planning are all coming together seamlessly

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Come back and visit the blog in the coming weeks to watch this dental office construction project take shape!


Jayme Amos

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