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[VIDEO] Walkthrough a Pediatric Dental Office – Floorplan, Design Update

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A Modern Pediatric Dental Office Floorplan


Have you seen a modern Pediatric Dental Office floorplan design as its being constructed?

CLICK BELOW to watch the video:



If you’re planning on opening a Pediatric Dental Office anytime in the near future, you should take a look at this facility.


While you watch the video, take notice of the historic nature of the building.


The doctor-owner of this pediatric dental office chose a floorplan design that would accommodate him and an associate and would allow them to grow into a patient base of 4000-10,000 patients!


Our team worked strategically with the doctor to choose him a geography that would set up him up for long term growth. We analyzed the PPO realities of the town and the nearby towns and considered building from scratch versus rehabbing a building.


Watch the video and get a tour from Brian to see what will surely be an award-winning Pediatric Dental Office floorplan design when its all done!


By Jayme Amos


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