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Marketing a New Dental Office – The # 1 Miley Cyrus Rule

By Jayme Amos.  Get free updates of posts here

“Will marketing a new dental office
bring me new patients?”


90% of the new dental offices we help with have this similar primary concern:

Will marketing a new dental office bring me new patients?marketing a new dental office

It’s a valid concern; without patients, you have no income.

But if you follow the Miley Cyrus Rule, you can be assured to get excellent new patient flow when marketing a new dental office.

Here are a couple of examples of success stories who have used the Miley Rule to the advantage of marketing their new dental office:

If you follow the 13 Steps toward your Grand Opening  you’ll see results that our clients see. Many of our clients brought in more new patients in the first 2 years of opening their new office than local competitors saw in the decade prior. We have countless stories of dentists going from zero to seven-figures of production in less than 5 years.

2 Examples:

1)      Dr. Dan who left an associateship, opened his own practice 10 miles away and built a new practice with us which we grew from zero to $1.7 million in 4 years. He then sold his practice and moved to Florida. True story!

2)      Dr. Kenny opened across the state line from his associateship near a hospital and exploded with growth, surpassing a million in production in the first 20 months. Is it magic? Or could it be related to Miley Cyrus?

The Miley Cyrus Rule will change your belief in the power of marketing a new dental office. 

This is the Miley Cyrus rule:

Attention = Opportunity

As Miley captures people’s attention, she gets the opportunity to turn the attention into a new customer. How does she go about this? She creates something “new”. A new haircut, a new image, a new level of stage presence not seen before.

Allow me to be very clear here – I do not agree with Miley’s new standards – I would never want my daughter emulating her.  What I’m going to convince you of below is that Miley’s use of “New” is far more powerful than her use of “shock”. Don’t use “shock” in your marketing your new practice – that will backfire. But if you use “New” properly, you may be the one who is shocked by the results.

The point is that Miley captured attention by offering something new.

marketing a new dental officeAnd “New” is a strategy that works to capture attention.

“New” will capture the attention of many, earning you opportunity with the ready.

For prospective patients, this will give your new office an opportunity better than nearly any other marketing.

Why does “New” matter so much?

–          New is news (think about the iphone).

–          New is rewarded with space in headlines (think free press in the local paper).

–          New is the 2nd most powerful word used in marketing.

–          New makes ears perk up in a very noisy world.

–          New gets people talking (you must have people talk about you to grow)

–          New creates intrigue (if its new, I must not know about it…what should I know?)

New is what will bring you more new patients than almost any other single strategy.

Why do you think every Mcdonald’s franchise underwent a multi-hundred thousand dollar renovation in the past few years? New.

Why do hotels renovate? New.

Why do old, outdated restaurants seem less impressive, even if the food is good?

New sets off a trigger in all of us.

It’s something psychologically built in, which we can’t disregard.

It’s like a built in light switch in our minds that shines a spot light on the newness of something.

Marketing a NEW dental office will reap the same kinds of rewards!


On the Contrary, Be Careful

The Miley Cyrus rule for marketing a new dental office will work for you if you harness it.

But don’t take the rule to the extreme.

In other words, benefit from the observations on how she uses “New” – but don’t market your practice with some of the shocking, provoking, extreme methods.

Extreme methods may work for a pop star but the old adage of “all press is good press” doesn’t work for dentists (want proof? See this a article)

We can still harness the truth of “New” embodied in the Miley Rule while staying in the lane of what works for dentistry.

So if not all press is good press, which press is good for dentists? marketing a new dental office

Can I Open a New Practice Just Because I Need New Patients?

To be clear, I’m not advocating you open a new dental office for the sole purpose and primary strategy of attracting new patients. Your motivation for opening a new practice must come from multiple sources like these:

–          desiring more clinical capabilities

–          greater clinical autonomy

–          building a legacy

–          experience the pride of accomplishment

–          earning a reputation as one of the best in town

–          offering the best available care

With the right motivation at your core, the power of the Miley Cyrus rule will give you explosive growth potential in your new dental office. 

This will be the combustion of “New” and your clinical passions!

Our team  connects dentists with the best  and most effective concepts when marketing a new dental office. We’ve seen it work over and over, every time the 13 Steps toward your Grand Opening are followed.

Put the power of “New” to work in your new dental office. Like Miley proves, a new image, a new technique and new style of delivering your service can capture LOTS of attention.

When you’re marketing a new dental office, you’ll know you have the power of Miley’s rule on your side.

We wish you luck and hope this will give you an added dose of confidence, knowing you’ll have a great opportunity to attract excellent new patients in your future practice!


By Jayme





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