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Start 2014 Out Right!

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Happy_New_YearsHappy 2014 and I hope it’s off to a great start!

To get things rolling in the right direction I thought I would put together the top three blog posts of 2013.

These were the posts that received the most views, comments and attention during the year, so if you didn’t get a chance to take a look at them in 2013, here they are to start you off for 2014!

The 5 Rules for Great Dental Office Signs

New! Dental Practice Demographics Tools – A Report On The 12 That Matter To New Dental Practices

Dental Contractors – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly (Part 2)


We would love to hear your vision for a new office this year on a free consultation call.

Wishing you a healthy, safe and profitable year,

By Jayme



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Why You Need a Team To Start a Dental Practice

When it comes to starting your own dental practice, finding the right real estate is a crucial step to success.

Where do you even start looking? How different is dental practice real estate from commercial? What should you be looking for? 

And don’t forget about the great leasing vs. owning debate. Some dentists argue owning your practice’s real estate is best, and some argue leasing is best. 

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